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The Core Site will be undergoing serious renovations in the year 2006 to help facilitate demand and a changing cultural climate. Thus take full advantage of the current site and enjoy your favorite pages while they last because certain classics like "all things American, Drinkoffs and the Infamous Slickback" may not make it off the chopping block. As always enjoy. Your Pal Core.

All Links and insight contained herein or within the following pages are within the scope of reasonable ideas and actions. Events and interpetations, including but not exclusive to pictures and stories have taken place. In a post college world this site has become a reflection of all things that were good about college. The continuance of this site tells about the past tribulations of "The Core" and his crew. Updates will include sections from the ongoing saga that will document post-college events that i ensure will be every bit entertaining.

Feel free to peruse the videos, pictures and commentary i have posted on my link page. The Navagation panel on your left will guide you through the pages.


I am currently working on commentary, im compling a list and want it to be very long and entertaining so please bear with me.

Trying to get my insult pages up and running , if you have anyone you would like to shout out in a nice or evil way for the month of december let me know.

I will be taking more pictures now that i have come out of my hibernation from the spot light. I will also be posting many photos from highschool and early college so stay posted.

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